Monday, November 2, 2009


I watched this today.

it was, I guess not as bad as I expected, but it was pretty crazy. Structurally I think it reminded me of playing a video game, particularly a scene where Wolverine has to box the blog in order to get information about the wehreabouts of a secret island while being coached by Will.I.Am with a western accent...yes that is really a part of the movie.

The whole film can be easily divided into 10 minute (or so) adventure segments connected by brief plot development, totally like every superhero adventure video game ever.

It was pretty shitty.

That being said, it was roughly 4 million times better than Fantastic Four, and from moment to moment was fairly entertaining.

I give it a 3.9 out of 10


Adam said...

I don't understand what box the blog means

I hope Will I Am shot his scene as a hologram

ben said...

oh, I meant to write box the BLOB.

yeah it's insane, like - cut scene of 2 minutes of plot, then wolverine has to complete a task or fight a guy to get a thing.

the blob won't tell him where an island is, so gives him boxing gloves, like, box the Blob, and then he will respect you enough to give you the next clue.

Adam said...

When did the Blob turn into the Sphinx?

ben said...

Adam that just shows your ignorance. Anyone who reads the paper knows that if a smaller man (or woman!) successfully bests you in a boxing match you need to give them one piece of information.

ben said...

also- did do a lot of hologram-y stuff

Adam said...

now that Will I Am can travel through hologram, he can do everything from home.

Perform on stage, act in movies, appear on cable news, ect.

I just got kind of scared typing that, because he actually could do all of those things except for the concert one.

When I was in 8th grade I saw KISS perform (never told you guys that one did I?). The concert was "KISS IN 3D". Which seemed sort of silly. They were on a stage, of course they were in 3D. So they gave us 3D glasses, and then on the giant monitors behind the band, there were all these KISS animations and videos that would jump out at you at the right time.

Will I Am could perform from home, except you put on your special glasses and he is projected onto the stage.

P.S. I saw the concert with my Dad.