Tuesday, December 8, 2009

didju know?


When Ben Franklin invented the lightning rod, clergy on both sides of the Atlantic proclaimed it to be an insult to God, who, as we all know, uses lightning to punish sinners. Pastors said that the dreaded "iron points" would allow criminals to escape heavenly justice. When The north east was rocked by earthquakes during the mid-late 18th century, the church took this as proof (not unlike Katrina) that God was punishing the New Englanders for thwarting his will by erecting lightning rods all over their towns.


Adam said...

I am a big fan of facts like those.

In fact...

I got a book idea that we should work on.

Sending you an e-mail now so thieves don't steal it

ben said...

I got that email, try stealing it now motherfuckers!

Wiley said...

well i just went to gmail and put in username: itsbenfeldman
password: pfunk15

and i'm in! i'll have this book idea, thanks motherfuckers!

ben said...

that's not even my password son!

Adam said...

it's ganjaboi93