Monday, December 7, 2009

Economics and Me

So the administration at San Rafael decided, with no new information, and with only 8 days left in the semester, that they don't want student teachers running a class of English Language Learners, so I'm going to be teaching econ instead.

I have a number of concerns with this.

1. I have never, at any point, taken any class on economics, and my knowledge of the subject comes mainly from the newspaper and what I have read in my own time. That's all well and good, but it hardly helps me with things like the supply and demand curve

2.My conception of economics is diametrically opposed to the conception of economics that is taught as fact in public high schools.
The California Standards say : Students will Understand the role of a free market economy in establishing and securing personal liberty...

this is an issue, as I believe that the statement "free market economy establishes and secures personal liberty" is, at best a lie, and at worst, a malicious lie.

3. I am going to be teaching second semester seniors (very different from first semester juniors), who have literally never met me or heard of me and who have no idea that they will have a new teacher for the second semester.



Chris Yarrison said...

Fuck, that's a nightmare.

ben said...

ok, well I ordered a used textbook on economics by Paul Krugmen, and a big book by Richard Holbriener (Chris do you know who that is?)

Kevtron said...

Yeah, that sucks! I don't know the first thing about economics, but I'm pretty sure I'm on your same page w/r/t the liberty and freedom aspect of it all.

Adam said...

I have faith in you Benny boy!

First of all, they're all gonna terribly ill with Senioritis (make sure you wash your hands)

Second of all, what do you teach them? Stock market, invisible hand, adam smith, you can do that crap.

You just have to make a huge distinction with what is going to be on the standardized test and what the actual truth is.