Sunday, December 6, 2009

film: Collision

this is a documentary that's getting a lot of press between Christopher Hitchens and fundamentalist pastor Douglas Wilson. The content is fairly good, but the filming and directing is nauseatingly awful. I mean this literally, not figuratively, the intentionally shakiness of the hand held camera, the zooms in and out, and the bizarre out of focus shots made watching it a physically unpleasant experience.

As might be expected, Hitchens easily wins the day, something I feel comfortably saying despite my bias, as all of the religious sites I investigated ( for example), conceded that Hitchens won the day.

Worth listening to, but don't try to watch unless fortified with a strong stomach.

AH- filmmaker is Darren Doane. He is a fundamentalist christian who has directed music videos for Blink182, AFI, and BuckCherry! There you go!

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