Saturday, December 19, 2009

more on econ

ugh, I'm trying to plan my first lesson (definition, scarcity and opportunity cost), and already I'm at a brick wall.

The main takeaway from lesson 1 is the idea of scarcity - which i am to teach is the fundamental problem that economics addresses. But wait! Is scarcity the number one problem that economics addresses, or is scarcity a product of our economic system!? oh man I hate this.

somebody please teach this class for me. thanks.

I'm gonna get fired!


Kevtron said...

No scarcity, no profit...

I wouldn't call it a product of the economic system, though it might be created or maintained by agents of interested parties.

Just assign Atlas Shrugged, and they should be good to go!

Wiley said...

just tell them about motherfucking pareto non comparable

Kevtron said...


ben said...

comic con