Saturday, January 30, 2010

Adam Green - Minor Love

I haven't stopped listening to this since i got it 3 days ago. Get it.

Jersey Shore has been renewed

"the cast may be removed from the cold northeast and taken to a warmer destination"

Friday, January 29, 2010

mr president addressing republican retreat

its an hour, but its worth watching if you've got the time

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a thing that I hate

I hate it when people say that 'blank' happened to them, but 'they turned out all right'. No, they probably didn't. Everyone who isn't in prison or a desperate drug addict pretty much turns out "all right"...right? Or maybe everyone is fucked, I just find it irritating when people say that they turned out all right, as though the alternative would be for them to be curled up in a ball, excreting fluids and weeping.

Monday, January 25, 2010

jury duty


So I got out of jury duty, but I was pretty seriously stressed out about it, because when we arrived we were told that the trial would be lasting through mid-march. I got released because of "personal hardship" –- if I had to miss 23 school days I wouldn't get a teaching credential.

So all in all, it was pretty good. I can't get called in again for another year, I got to read 87 pages of A.J.P Taylor's origins of the second world war, and watched a neat-o instructional video on why we should be excited to get called in for Jury Duty.

Also, Pauly Shore - 55

george bernard shaw

on cultural elitism,

"What we want is not music for the people, but bread for the people, rest for the people, immunity from robbery and scorn for the people, hope for them, enjoyment, equal respect and consideration, life and aspiration. When we get that I imagine the people will make tolerable music for themselves"

I have this today

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2 quotes from George Scialabba's "What Are Intellectuals Good For?"

The first is excerpted from an essay by Irvin Howe,

"...if the ideal of socialism is now to be seen as problematic, the problem of socialism remains an abiding ideal. I would say that it is the best problem to which a political intellectual can attach himself"

The second is on an essay by Scialabba on William F. Buckley,

"...modern conservatism affirms values that cannot be reconciled: on the one hand, social stability, sustained by an immutable moral order and religious orthodoxy; on the other, the minimal state and the unregulated market. Competition creates new needs, which undermine old solidarities and deferences. Buckley celebrates capitalist abundance but frets over the lack of popular militancy in America vis-a-vis the welfare state and the Communist threat. It seems not to have occurred to him, or to many of his ideological comrades, to consider seriously whether these two phenomena are related".

Monday, January 18, 2010

First photo with the middle finger

Old Hoss Radbourne flips a bird

this is a team photo of the Red Sox in 1886. In the top left you see Charley "Old Hoss" Radbourn giving the finger next to a teammates head. This is the first known photograph to feature the gesture (although written record go back some 2500 years)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Questlove on the similarities

between Parks and Rec and Wu Tang. feat the RZA.


some of you may have seen this on max fun...boy is jay leno a piece of shit

Paul F Tompkins

is the funniest man in the world

I was in the audience for this

Saturday, January 16, 2010


on family farm meat.

So I'm really just thinking out loud here, so please, no vicious responses if there are holes in what I'm saying. I was just curious about something. Obviously I would never impugn the decision of someone who wanted to abstain from meat products entirely.

My question there something to be said for the idea that it may be an ethically positive choice to eat meat from family farms, not as an alternative to eating meat from factory farms, but as an alternative to not eating meat at all.

Given that 99 percent of animals available to be eaten come from factory farms, and given what I'm reading about in Eating Animals and what I saw in Food Inc and a bundle of other places, it's clearly the case that the family farmer is being aggressively squeezed out by corporate factory farming.

So, given that, in the short term, people will be eating meat, is there anything to be said for the notion that an immediately essential thing is to provide business for family farming, so that their product can be distributed at increasingly affordable rates? So that some alternative continues to exist to Tyson's et al?

given that, the world isn't going to turn vegetarian in the next....5-10 years, it seems like the worst scenario would be for those family farms to go out of business during that time.

please don't yell at me.


eating animals

So I'm not done with the book yet. Obviously I do not need to recap some of the more shocking elements for my vegetarian (largely) audience here. One thing I'm struck by, is that (at least for someone living in Northern California), it really doesn't seem to be that difficult to only eat meat that comes from family farms. Certainly it requires paying a premium (which means eating less meat, or eating meat less frequently), and it requires some research (although less than I would have originally suspected), but there are a lot of local options for me that seem pretty reasonable.

So my current decision is that starting on JANUARY 27TH, I'm only eating meat from the 174 restaurants in SF that only buy meat from local family farms, and from distributors that I can check up on.

So no more meat burritos or turkey sand-os, but I think this is pretty do-able as a start.

haiti and wyclef

if you donate to haiti

don't do it through wyclef, do it through someone else

apparantly wyclef's relief efforst have come under scrutiny and its unclear whether or not all that money is going where you want it to go

not to cast aspersions, maybe its all fine, but still.

holy shit

Jimmy Kimmel REALLY gives it to Leno here. Watch the whole thing, it won't dissapoint.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ella Fitzgerald

at 23 years old

a guide to sustainable eating and family farms

Friday, January 8, 2010

another good comedy podcast

is Scott Aukerman's comedy death ray podcast

Kevin Nealon asked

does it make me paranoid that I think people are following me on twitter?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I tied Kevin

= GPA 4.000

Official Grades

Class Description Units Grading Grade Grade Points
EDSS 442 Tchng in Multicultural Setting 4.00 Graded A 16.000
EDSS 443A Observ/Part in Multicult Setng 2.00 Credit / No Credit CR
EDSS 443B Sem:Clsroom Mgmt & Field Exper 3.00 Graded A 12.000
EDSS 444 Teaching in the Content Areas 4.00 Graded A 16.000
EDSS 446 Lang Lit Curr: Mid/Sec School 4.00 Graded A 16.000

WTF with Marc Maron

You should all check out the podcast WTF

The actual podcast-y part isn't so hot. But listening to his interviews with comedians is pretty fantastic. He doesn't really interview so much as just sort of record long conversations with them. I've only listened to his interviews with David Cross and patton Oswalt so far, but he's known them for 15-25 years (he met David Cross in college), and its really fun in a vaguely creepy voyeuristic way to listen to them talk.