Saturday, January 16, 2010

eating animals

So I'm not done with the book yet. Obviously I do not need to recap some of the more shocking elements for my vegetarian (largely) audience here. One thing I'm struck by, is that (at least for someone living in Northern California), it really doesn't seem to be that difficult to only eat meat that comes from family farms. Certainly it requires paying a premium (which means eating less meat, or eating meat less frequently), and it requires some research (although less than I would have originally suspected), but there are a lot of local options for me that seem pretty reasonable.

So my current decision is that starting on JANUARY 27TH, I'm only eating meat from the 174 restaurants in SF that only buy meat from local family farms, and from distributors that I can check up on.

So no more meat burritos or turkey sand-os, but I think this is pretty do-able as a start.

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