Saturday, February 6, 2010

living longer?

So this should be a comment, but I'm a couple days behind on the blogs and thought that it might get buried if I posted it now. My question is on the link posted by Whannt is Coffie that suggests that vegans and vegetarians live 6-10 years longer.

My question is, beyond the obvious issues with a diet heavy in red meat, is this a statistic with any value? I have no doubt that vegetarians live longer than meat eaters, I also have no doubt that vegetarians have better health care, get higher salaries, have more advanced degrees, have fewer drug addictions, get shot less, etc. see what I'm saying? are there any studies with controlled variables on this at all?


Kevtron said...

This was a common thread in my nutrition class. Our professor noted several times that a vegetarian diet CAN BE extremely healthy, and that veg'ns are generally found to be healthier than omnivores, although she never failed to remind us that the effects of diet haven't been isolated.

Vegetarians, she said, usually tend to be more proactive about their health in other important ways. As she would say to the class, "How many cigarette-smoking, beer drinking, couch potato vegans do YOU know?"


Harry Crosby said...

Dear Kevin,
I know at least three Cigarette-smoking, beer drinking, couch potato vegans.

Sonia said...

The China Study is supposed to be the most comprehensive study that shows that animal-based foods cause the most chronic diseases

but then there are articles debunking the study, such as:

so, still confused abt the health issue