Friday, March 5, 2010

the office


remember when this used to be a fucking comedy?

Jesus Christ. Like most of you, I realize the office has been going steadily downhill since probably...season 3. But last night's episode must be the worst one I've ever seen.


alfa foxtrot said...

i thought it was a little bit funny. you know, the part where they have a baby. that tickled me.

Wiley said...

you know what it's a lot funnier than...jesse thorn.

ben said...

hmm, I have been a little bummed on Jesse recently, but I'll say two things. One is, that I probably wouldn't listen to the show if it was just Jesse. But it isn't. The office is just the office, it doesn't have parks and recreation stopping by every few scenes with a funny line.

ben said...

and the other is, it is not funnier than jesse thorne