Sunday, May 23, 2010

lost (no spoilers unless you click through)

spoiler alert!

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ben said...

so obviously I just watched this, and I have not had a lot of time to think about it, but I think I'm pretty frustrated.

It was a really emotionally powerful episode in a lot of ways but here's the thing.

I had grown totally ok with the idea that I was not going to get all the answers, I had gotten totally ok with the idea that I was not going to get MOSt of the answers. BUT i thought that i WOULD get SOME of the answers.

They had 2 and a half hours, and they told us, almost literally nothing (other than explaining the flash sideways).

I don't care about the 3-toed statue, and I don't need to understand the nature of the island, I'm down with the idea that it's just some weird metaphysical whatever.

but I still feel like there are just huuuuuuge things that they could have easily answered.

I dunno. Change my mind.

Also, where was Eko?

So, going back to the flash sideways, are we to understand that they are all, at this point dead? That this flash sideways was not actually happening in 2007, but at some far distant date in the future? Once everyone has died of old age or whatever?

I dunno, let's talk about it.

ben said...

I think that ultimately This entire episode was like a tribute was a triubte to the things that I like least about the show (poorly written love stories)

although the clifftop fight was fucking awesome.

ben said...

My biggest unresolved mystery (which maybe I should understand) is this - why where the others fucking with them.

During those first 3 seasons, why did the others kidnap their kids, hide from them and torment them?

That was, along with "why are we here", the other BIG question of the show to me. Were they just cruelly testing people to find a replacement for Jacob?

Adam said...

man, the others had tons of motives for fucking with them.

Primarily, it seems like it was Ben trying to take power from Jacob, trying to get shit from these people for himself.

But most importantly, even if they didn't, so what. Wasn't this shit fun? Didn't you get super fucking excited at every tiny little revelation, no matter how insignificant it has now proven to be?

Oh yeah, and the all died, at some point. Not together in the plane crash, but later. Then they came together in some sort of heaven. My somewhat problem with that is that I have a knee jerk reaction toward anything vaguely Christian. But fuck it, we knew something like that was coming.

ben said...

yeah, and they tried to make it just "spiritual" by having really obvious buddhas and vishnus and a menorah in the church.

Don't get me wrong, I don't feel like I was betrayed or I wasted my time or anything like that, but you can answer so so so so much in 2.5 hours, and I feel like they decided to just not take that route at all.

also , I was bummed at all the people who ended up alone in that "heaven" boone, locke without his wife, sayid with that miserable cunt shannon instead of nadia, no analucia, etc

Questions still remaining:
(not that I needed the show to answer, just that I'm wondering)

what's with Farraday's mom? Why does she get to know that everyone is dead?

I think the one thing that I knew we would never find out about, but I still most want to know, is - what's the deal with libby?- I was really into that mystery

If the island's being uncorked by desmond took away smoke monster locke's powers, how come he was still able to inhabit smoke monster locke's body?

Isn't it weird that Claire's baby and Sun and Jin's baby are all born in heaven?

why is desmond the key? what properties does he have and why?

what were Widmore's intentions the whole time?

Wouldn't you have felt bad if you were Desmond, and Hurley pulled you up after thinking you were dead, and that got really disappointed because you were alive instead of Jack? I would be.

that thing with Ben wanting power makes sense then, I might just be forgetting some stuff.

Adam said...

I'm actually second guessing that Ben wanting power, because he was pretty much a Jacob loyalist at that point.

So, my other explanation for that is that it was just Jacob testing his candidates.

Yes, I agree, those are all interesting questions. Some of which, I do really wish they had answered, some I'm glad they didn't.

I do wish I knew what Widmore and Farady's mom were about. It seems like they were just power grabbing weirdos trying to get the island's power.

I want to know how Jacob could travel outside of the island.

What was up with Ben not going in the church?

Lock not having his wife, lame. Sayid with Shannon, lame. Boone there but not Mr. eko, lame.