Saturday, June 19, 2010


we flew overnight to buenos aires. Business class. These are the seats. They are beds. It was crazy. My dad and I played episodes of 30 rock that we started at the exact same moment so we could laugh at the same time and drank several glass of complimentary port.

I saw the andes.

We are staying in Palermo. its fantastic (let's live here). this google picture is 40 feet or so from our apartment

we had coffee at cafe tortoni this morning, where Borges and Lorca used to meet every day.

We saw all kinds of famous government buildings (Junta free for 27 years!)

there are no stop signs. Literally. None. not a single one. How do people know how to stop, you might be asking. They don't. its terrifying. But really, this isn't some skewed take on how fast people drive in buenos aires. They literally don't have stop signs.

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