Wednesday, June 23, 2010

on translating

I was reading an essay by Borges the other day, and he was talking about different translations of the Odyssey. It was really interesting, because he was saying there are basically two ways to translate, being true to the language, or being true to the spirit of the text.

By this I mean, when someone...I dunno, let's say Homer (whether or not that's true), wrote them Odyssey, he did not intend (obviously)for the text to sound antiquated and "classic", he meant for it to be exciting and new.

Some translators think that the truest way to translate something is to (without verging on parody), making it sound contemporary.

I don't know how I feel about that at all, but I think it's reasonably interesting.


Wiley said...

that's why it's important for us all that lady gaga give us her take on any of the beatles' or stones' albums

Adam said...

I've heard that new translations should preferably be done every 10 years, so to grow with the times.

I'd like to hear Lady Gaga's versions of old blues songs.