Wednesday, June 16, 2010

why I don't like that podcast that we all used to like

I've thought about it a lot, did we all just grow up a little bit at the same time? Did listening to the best show just redefine what I want out of a radio/podcast so much that we all left it behind?

I went back recently and listened to some old episodes, ones in the 40's and 50's, and I liked them a ton. I think what really happened is that the eponymous host really DID become a boring [too-pleased with himself] public radio guy, just like he said on the phone to tom scharpling 3 years ago.

I think that really started to struck me when I saw that he interviewed Jim Lehrer, and then today, seeing his Hanson interview. I loved his show because he interviewed basically my favorite comedians and musicians every week. Ugh.

I know what your thinking, am I talking about recently retired Texas Public Radio David Martin Davies!

Now, instead of continuing this thread, lets talk about this boring fucking pig until our ears bleed.


Adam said...


He's just trying to be so goddamn cute and smart all the time.

Tom can tell a 30 minute story about trying to get flip-flops in the winter time and it'll be the best thing ever.

But I'd rather rub shit in my ears than listen to Jesse try to tell me about something someone said to him while he was walking his ugly dog.

P.S. I think it's a combination between us growing up a bit, seeing the same patterns in the show and the show actually getting worse. I think that clothing shit went to his head

Adam said...

oh yeah, and I think we all can agree that the clear loser in all of this is Jorda_n

Morgsian said...

That pig is not boring. How dare you?

Adam said...

how about this one, because this is the real one.

still into it?