Monday, July 26, 2010


let's get the inception conversation started....whenever you're ready in the comment section!


Adam said...

I really enjoyed it, but I had a few minor problems with it.

The different levels began to get a little silly at some point, it made me think it would be a stronger movie if it was a bit leaner.

The Third Rock From The Sun guy annoys the crap out of me.

Another thing I never like in movies are action scenes with no establishing shots or scale. If you just see metal crunching together and people looking terrified, the excitement that they are shooting for becomes meaningless very quickly.

BUT BUT BUT. I feel bad nitpicking, because I think it was an awesome movie. Not flawless, but awesome nonetheless. I sort of wish it was easier to praise specific aspects of movies in this context, but blog comments seem inherently structured for criticizing.

Chris Yarrison said...

I actually kind of like the metal-crunching-montage-style of movie shootout, but that's beside the point.

All the guns and action were welcome alongside the movie's woozy logic and cerebral plot.

I loved it, I mean in spite of it making me sick and not really wanting to think about it at all afterward. It reminded me of 'Ubik', one of Philip K Dick's best.

And that bitch was scary.

ben said...


I loved it.

I think if you buy into the idea that every one of the levels (including "reality" is a dream, then a lot of the small plot holes and thin characters not only are not a problem, but actually contribute to the quality of the film.

If they are all constructs of Cobb's subconscious, then of course they are not fully developed, and all those little coincidences make sense.

Weird things that lead to the notion that All levels are dreams:

when Leo gets caught between those two walls (anxiety dream thing)

when the wife kills herself, she is across the alley, in a building across the street, that was weird.

hmmm, there was more. Let's talk why not.

Adam said...

at one point in the movie the top does fall down (after the part where Ellen Page invades his dream), which either implies actual reality, or renders the top as a somewhat meaningless gauge.

ben said...

well the thing they kept saying was that the totems stop being of any use once someone else touches them. This implies that the 'reality' may be a dream because Cobb's totem was originally his wife's.

The fact that he has the totem should render it useless. It may fall over in the 'reality' simply because the perception on the part of the dreamer is that it should fall...