Wednesday, October 20, 2010

inspired by Adam - voting

prop 19 - legalize pot - yes on 19

prop 20 - CA redistricting - no on 20 (see comments on Adam's blog for why)

prop 21 - State Park Fee (18 dollars to get an annual license to get into state parks, would save 200 million dollars that the gov't would reinvest in schools, etc) Yes

prop 22- state borrowing local funds - someone help me understand this better

prop 23- NO (would remove regulations to address global warming until unemployment returns to 5.5% or lower)

prop 24- YES tax fairness act - stops businesses from finding tax loopholes

Prop 25- YES (majority vote on budget) - makes it possible to make decisions on budget with a 50% majority of state legislature, rather than a 2/3rd majority

Prop 26 - NO (would make it harder, by requiring a 2/3 vote at the local level, to make polluters clean up, increase state deficit, funded by Exxon and Phillip Morris)

Prop 27 - YES (see 20)


Adam said...

22 is a tough one to understand, but I'm pretty sure it's a NO on that one.

On one hand it seems sort of nice, if it passes, you won't be able to divert funds from one agency to another in crises.

But opponents say that it actually sort of does the opposite, meaning it sets a wall between various agencies, and will cause less money to go to social programs.

Plus the Chamber of Commerce supports it, so fuck them.

Adam said...

Yeah, it's definitely a No on 22.

It takes 1 billion dollars away from public schools immediately after passing and 400 million every year after that.