Wednesday, October 27, 2010

San Francisco Ballot Measures

Prop AA - 10 vehicle fee for roads, transit and pedestrians - YEAH - everyone with a car pays 10 extra dollars, this will raise TEN MILLION

Prop A - Yes - 46 million dollars to retrofit affordable housing units

Prop B - NO!!!!! - makes public employees pay way more for retirement and health care

Prop C - Yes - mayor appearances at board, the mayor has to show up once a month to answer questions in public

Prop D - YES - allows noncitizen parents whose kids are in public schools to vote in School Board elections, even if they can't vote otherwise, right now, 1/3 of all public school children have parents who are not legally allowed to help make school decisions!

Prop E YES - you can register ON election day to vote for local measures, easier to vote, harder to forget to register

Prop F - NO

Prop G - NO - seems to unfairly punish MUNI drivers

Prop H - NO - would bar some elected officials from political party committees, the word on the street is that Gavin Newsom wants to do this to punish people who have been attacking him from the left. Maybe not constitutional

Prop I - YES - Saturday voting - polls open the saturday before election day, makes no fucking sense to vote on Tuesday, weekend voting will help people work who feel like they cannot take the time off from work

Prop J - YES - raises the hotel tax b y 2% - raises 35 million dollars annually for SF

Prop K - NO - if it passes, prop J fails (weird)

Prop L - NO - illegal to sit on sidewalks

Prop M - YES - cops have to walk a beat, be more part of community, etc

Prop N YES - bring in 36 million dollars by increasing taxes on large property/ real estate purchases


alfa foxtrot said...

i misread prop M, i thought it said cops have to walk TO a beat

Candypants said...

thanks ben. so now you are telling me to vote the same as you??